Things that interest me

Most of these projects are long term affairs

Acorn Archimedes PIO Podule

This has been a very long-running project! I started it back in 2016 (or was that 2017?). The aim is to produce a classic Archimedes Podule that provides many things! I started the project when my old Acorn Archimedes A5000 failed to boot after the CMOS battery leaked and chewed through part of the PCB preventing the HDD from working. To date, there have been two revisions of the Podule.
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Sony Camera Driver for Astrophotography

My most recent project - it started off as me trying to find a solution for a problem, and has since taken off. It seems there are many folk around the world with Sony cameras who would just love to have a tool that lets them take photos of the night sky. From initial support for just one camera (mine) it now supports over 30 models of Sony Digital camera.
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